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Guess what I did?

Guess what? I took a yoga class this week. So what’s the big deal, might you ask? Don’t you teach 10,467 classes a week?(give or take)!


first of all I took Karson’s Yoga Class, which is a treat beyond compare.  So that makes it a BFD. What an amazing teacher and Yogini she is! But even though my brain knows how good working out is for me, when I am on vacay  in San Diego I am the biggest sludge muffin on the sunny beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Since the beautiful Fall days of the Atlantic Shore are calling me home…

I know it is time to get my XL Butt in gear, and get ready to resume training all my favorite peeps again. No better way to do that than by taking Karson’s class.


I found myself grudgingly getting up early Sunday to find my lost yoga gear. I was moaning and groaning and all annoyed because I couldn’t linger over my morning coffee. Squeezing into tight workout clothes pissed me off, but then getting furry happiness guru hair balls all over my pristine black pants pushed me over the edge.

Thinking all the while…I HATE EXERCISE…I made my way to the studio.

The minute I stepped onto the mat I was HOME! All of a sudden, I could breathe. I said hello to my body, and was grateful to it for bringing me to class. I recognized its strength, its beauty, and its resilliance. After only a few Rice Krispie moments, snap, crackle and pop, it forgave me for a couple of weeks of  ignoring its health and well-being.  It struck me what an amazing machine I’ve been given. Mindfully moving my body about in exercise, is the prayer of thanks I offer for such a magnificent gift. Saying “thank you” three or four times a week, seems reasonable. Why is it so hard  to make yourself do it? Help me out here, I would really like to know the obstacles that keep you from lacing up your sneakers, stepping onto your Yoga mat, or doing one honest push-up.

Richard & I continue to do research on the topic, and we’d like to hear what you have to say…



Gone fishin’… for inspiration

Well, I’m off for a week to celebrate my first anniversary with my wonderful husband… Heading to Napa and leaving the laptop at HOME 🙂 I’ll miss writing the blog this week, but feel assured that a week of rest & rejuvenation will find me bursting with inspiration when I get back. I think it’s important to disengage from the technology every so often. So this is my time… Hopefully, I won’t feel like a limb’s been amputated (although if I do, I’m sure the wine will make me feel better:))

When I was little and my mom would go out of town, she always left my sister and I little goodies and presents to keep us entertained while she was gone. In that spirit, please check out the FREE SHIZ page on the HAPPY-U site.There, you’ll find the Happy-U meditation for presence and a few videos we recorded in honor of feeling good in your body 🙂 Please also dig back into the archives of this blog to review some of your favorite posts or maybe some you’ve missed!

I’ll still be posting #dailyhappinessreminders on Facebook and Twitter, showing off some of the gorgeous photos I’m sure to take (I’ll still have my phone… what am I, crazy?!)

Special thanks to my mama & tia, for staying with the Furry Happiness Guru this week. May you frolic on the beach and cuddle under the stars every day til we return.

Have a beautiful week, my dear hearts… We’re off! Happy-U OUT!

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