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Who Knows?


Mystics say everything happens for a perfect reason and nothing is either good or bad but our judgement of it that makes it so. I have loved this parable for years and often think of it when I find myself being all judgey about things going on in my life.

Secret of Happiness? 

Once upon a time, an old farmer lived in a valley with his son, a handsome and dutiful youth. They lived a peaceful life despite a lack of material possessions. They were very happy. So much so, that neighbors began to get envious and wanted to understand the secret of their happiness.

Savings and Loss?
One day, the old man used all his savings to buy a young and beautiful horse. The very same day he bought it, the horse jumped the fence and escaped into the hills. The neighbors came to express their concern, “Oh, that’s too bad. How are you going to work the fields now?”

The farmer replied, “Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows?”

Double Fortune?

In a few days, his horse came back from the hills and brought eight fine horses with him. The neighbors again gathered around, “Oh, how lucky! Now you can do much more work than ever before!” they said.

The farmer replied, “Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows?”


The next day, the farmer’s son fell off one of the new horses and broke his leg. “Such misfortune,” said the neighbours. The leg healed crookedly and left the son with a permanent limp and endless pain. The neighbors were concerned again, “Now that he is incapacitated, he can’t help you around, that’s too bad.”

The farmer replied, “Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows?”


Soon, the news came that war has broken out, and all the young men were required to join the army. The villagers were sad because they knew that many of the young men would not come back. The farmer’s son could not be drafted because of his broken leg. His neighbors were envious: “How lucky! You get to keep your only son!”

The farmer replied, “Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows?”


Good Thing?  Bad Thing? Who Knows?

You’re Welcome,
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Love Is a Choice

“LOVE Is a Choice”


Never simple, and often not rational, but within our control to the extent of showing up with a willingness be present to others, fully and without pretense.

What does the quote,”Love is a Choice” mean to you?


I think being present–authentically present–makes perfect sense, and sounds simple, but it is very difficult to do.


So, if love is a choice, what gets in the way of choosing love? What do you choose instead of love?


Is it fear? Self-focus? Anger? Judgements? Expectations? Being right? Being busy? Laziness? The list goes on and on. Usually we choose, without know we are choosing. We just aren’t paying attention.


So during this Valentine’s Week, let’s “Do Love” a little better by “Choosing Love,” and most importantly, “Showing Love.”

That Guru of Love, John Mayer gets it right when he sings…

Love is a verb
It ain’t a thing
It’s not something you own
It’s not something you screamWhen you show me love
I don’t need your words
Yeah love ain’t a thing
Love is a verb
Love ain’t a thing
Love is a verb

Love ain’t a crutch
It ain’t an excuse
No you can’t get through love
On just a pile of I-O-Us

Love ain’t a drug
Despite what you’ve heard
Yeah love ain’t a thing
Love is a verb
Love ain’t a thing
Love is a verb

So you gotta show, show, show me
Show, show, show me
Show, show, show me
That love is a verb

You gotta show, show, show me
Show, show, show me
Show, show, show me
That love is a verb

Love ain’t a thing
Love is a verb




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Four Life Changing Questions

Are you familiar with


If not, get ready. She is a fascinating woman, who admits to being one unhappy, miserable human being for much of her life. One day while lying on the kitchen floor with cockroaches crawling across her leg, she had an epiphany.

She realized all her suffering came from her thoughts about her situation, not from the situation itself. Leading her to the conclusion…

All suffering comes from believing your thoughts.

Based on this idea, she developed ‘The Work.’  A simple, quick technique for self-inquiry consisting of asking yourself four questions about a painful thought or belief.

  1. Is it true?
  2. Can I absolutely know that it’s true?
  3. How do I react when I believe that thought?
  4. Who would I be without that thought?

After you answer those questions, you apply a turn-around statement. The turn-around is expressing the exact opposite of your beliefs. Constructing a positive rather than a negative thought.

If this idea peaks your interest, you can dig in deeper by reading Katie’s book, Loving What Is.


Can these four questions really change your life? I don’t know, but I do know that I am usually able to turn-around almost any negative thought I am having by asking myself Questions #1 &  #2.

Is it true? Can I absolutely know that it’s true?

My answer to that is always “NO” since there is very little I can know is ABSOLUTELY true.


So the next time you have

THOUGHTS UGLYQuestion the thought by asking yourself…

#1 Is it True?   #2 Can I absolutely know that it’s true?

#3 How do I react when I believe that thought?

#4 Who would I be without that thought?

Apply a turn-around statement to make an ugly thought, into a beautiful thought, and you will become more beautiful to the world.


Thanks to Roald Dahl for such deep wisdom.



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amazon.com + Walter = Happy-Me:)

I see my UPS man, Walter, on a daily basis. The doorbell rings, and there he is smiling from ear-to-ear in the freezing cold, presenting me with a box from Amazon. He gently hands it to me as if it were filled with Steuben Crystal, instead of heavy books. Somehow this sweet man knows that he is delivering a precious pirates booty of treasure to me.  He  takes such pride in personally handing me these gifts I order for myself. When Walter shows up, I know my day is about to take a happy turn.

Today’s arrival? The classic,

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.


Written in 1902 this is a wonderful little book filled with inspirational truths.

It needs to be read many times,

Number 3

not only for its wisdom, but for its simple message and beauty. I love everything about this book, from its original hard cover to its beautiful paper pages. Because Walter came to my door today, I have spent the afternoon in a place of deep contentment and pure enjoyment immersing myself in this easy read, written 111 years ago.

Life is good, very, very good:)


I can’t help but think of the effect this book has had on me, and to reflect on how we each have a seed of desire within us to serve humanity in one way or another. James Allen has left his legacy on the printed page, spreading a message of hope and love down through generations. Most of us will leave the world a better place for having been a part of it. If we are aware of it or not, I do believe it’s true.

I wonder how Walter the UPS guy, planned to save the world when he was a young man? I somehow doubt he saw wearing a brown uniform, driving a brown truck, delivering brown packages, throughout winter brown neighborhoods, as his way to uplift humanity. But boy, how wrong that belief would have been. He is a man who has found his OWN special calling. Spreading smiles,happiness, kindness and joyfilled brown boxes, far and wide, HE is my definition of a Lightworker. HE is living a very purposed filled life.


So, I thank you, Walter, for “working joyfully and peacefully.” I thank you for your kindness and “right efforts.”  I thank you for being such a shining example of the important part each and every one of us plays in the well-being of our fellow human family. You truly are a “Prince Among Men.” I am your biggest fan.



P.S…A special ‘thank you’ for wearing those goofy shorts, knee socks and cub scout hat in the summertime. You make me smile!

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Stoopid Life Phases:)

In a few months I will be the proud recipient of a beautiful Grandchild.


Since this will be my very first (of many, I hope) Grandbaby, I am in the middle of a growth spurt! Spurting from “Mommy” to “Grandmommy,” makes me think a lot about where I have been with my own children, where I am now, and where I am going.


Soon I’ll be that Old Woman  trying to get into Heaven:)

Oh yeah, and then there is the Santa Claus Stage.


I am hoping I am in Phase #3, but I can’t lie, sometimes I am definitely in Phase #4!

Life in Five Bottles


Thinking I am in Phase #3 makes me feel young, although again I think I am hovering between Phases 3 & 4!

3 stupid stages

But this is the one that makes me the happiest because I DON’T See Myself in ANY of  THEM!


I Have Time+Money+Energy=One Happy Grammy!

enjoy every phase of life

I am enjoying every Phase of Life:)


Granny Janny:)

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Five Fat Frogs Sitting on a Skinny Log

Okay, so consider this,


You can’t really argue with that logic, but I think DECIDING is sometimes harder than DOING. When you start to think of DOING something, you can’t help but think of the risks that could be involved


Our imaginations are really powerful, and sometimes they get the best of us. If we are able to “make-believe” the worst, it stands to reason the opposite is also true. What would happen if we “make-believe” the best?


There is a lot of hard science to support the fact that we get exactly what we expect from life. It has something to do with our RAS (Reticular Activating System…google it...it’s a real thing, and it’s really interesting.)


The RAS acts as a filter, so your brain doesn’t get overloaded with information and explode. It matches data in your environment  to whatever is on your mind at the moment. The RAS is really accommodating. If you have fearful thoughts, it will happily bring you more. The opposite is also true.


So for today…NO DECIDING…only DOING.

 never give up something that you can't go a day without thinking about

As my old friend Theodore Roosevelt said:

“I dream of men who take the next step, instead of worrying about the next thousand steps.”

xo, Jan;)

ps…If you think I am old enough to be friends with Theodore Roosevelt, you are fired as my friend!

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All Change Is For The Better

So I was walking past my bookshelf yesterday, and I grabbed the first book I saw. It happened to be a book by Neale Donald Walsch. It was a new book, sitting there waiting for some attention.  I read it…for about thirty seconds. Randomly flipping through the book…BOOM...there it was, no need to read further. A quote that has kept my mind working for two days.

“All change is for the better. There is no such thing as change for the worse.”

I don’t know why I am so intrigued by this idea. I am not sure it is true. I just know that I love the idea that MAYBE,  just MAYBE,  it’s true.

There are some ideas that are easy for me. Like Deepak Chopra’s quote that, “All great changes are preceded by chaos.”


but in order to accept the idea that…

“All change is for the better. There is no such thing as change for the worse.”

more would be required from me. It would be challenging, and scary, because I would have to be courageous and CHANGE my thinking about CHANGE.Image

But, today I’m not going to fight to hold on to my old way of thinking. I’m gonna let go, and believe,



I do believe in change. I do. I do. I DO!

All change IS  for the better(right?)



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Everything you do takes you closer to, or further from your goals!

So, January 1, 2013, (that was just yesterday, I think) we got together with a group of AWESOME Yogis and set our goals for this brand new sparkling clean year!


Setting new goals gives me so much happiness and satisfaction, because without a solid goal in place,

what I want is only a wish.

Wishin and Hopin

I could keep dreaming forever, but…


so, no matter what, stay in action, and your dreams become your reality!

Staying in action toward your goal is a whole lot harder than it sounds, but, I’ve got something for you that I promise will keep you moving toward any goal, Large or Small, because here is a Universal TRUTH

EVERYTHING you do, takes you CLOSER to

Thumbs up

or FURTHER from your goal.

We’ll never get to where we want to be, by having all the answers, but we can get there by asking the


So I am about to share with you, my favorite  MacDaddy QUESTION,  of all time. It’s my North Star of questions. It never fails me.

Are you ready? Write it down, and post it everywhere.


e.g. GOAL to make it to Karson’s Yummy Yoga Class at Noon. I apply the question, “Will continuing to write this blog take me closer to, or further from that goal?”

OOPS,Gotta Run:)

Here’s to all reaching our goals in 2013!



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Day-after Cleanup!

“Be like a postage stamp-stick to one thing till you get there.” Josh Billings



Yoikes, I  am sitting here in the wreckage of the “Day After” wondering
“How’m I Ever Gonna Get this M.E.S.S. Cleaned Up?” 



Then I posed my query to Coach Karson and she said…”Ma…you gotta have GOALS.”

Then I said,



Then she said,



“Okay,” says I, “I plan to start now.”




Eek, It’s Tierney!


Happy Frappy Post-Holiday Clean-Up!
Jan 🙂



Happy RamaKwanKahMas!

Okay Gang, we are coming nearer to the end of the holiday rush,
and no matter which tradition you follow…


the question remains:
How am I going to push on through this next week or two, with patience, grace, and my WEIGHT GAIN FREE holiday intentions intact?
I know, I know, affirmation, meditation and exercise can make a world of difference in my mental and physical well-being during these next few weeks. So why are they always the things I toss by the wayside during this season of crazy busyness? This year I am going to give my family the gift they all deserve, and hold myself to a higher standard.
Because, the truth is…I’ve Got This Holiday Thing DOWN! I know what to do, and how to do it. I’ve done it multiple times before, and I always get it done, so why all the drama?
 Dear Family,
 Here is my gift to you… I promise to be a 
who is sticking by her commitment to a Weight Gain Free Month  
Resting when I need to.
Exercising even when I don’t want to.
Eating before I get Hangry.
Breathing, because I have to 
Remembering, the truth is… 
I am Happy. 
I am Healthy.
I am Grateful.
Merry RaMaKwanKahMas!
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