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Start the New Year with us!!



We are SO excited to announce that for the first time ever, BOTH of us will be guiding one of our fabulous HAPPY-U Workshops on New Year’s Day!

New Years Poster 1


Start 2013 on a this most positive note at our Goal-setting Workshop & Yoga Extravaganza at Namaste Yoga Center in Ocean Beach! One hour of group coaching on developing strong & manageable goals for the new year (who couldn’t use that?!), and one hour of a fun-filled & inspirational all-levels yoga practice to shake of 2012 and ring in the new year strong, flexible, and light at heart!

Space is limited, so pre-registration is required 🙂

…which is actually a GOOD thing or you… maybe help to motivate you not to have that 7th glass of champagne the night before.


Tell your friends, your spouse, your mom, or anyone you think would rather start 2013 feeling AWESOME, rather than hungover and full of regrets 🙂


Woot! Can’t wait 🙂

XO Karson & Jan



I have a habit. It’s called eating. It’s something I do every day, many times a day. Most days, I only know I have this habit because I find myself in front of the refrigerator with a huge piece of cheese in my hand. 

I don’t remember thinking about getting the cheese. I don’t remember thinking about how much cheese I should/would like to eat. I just know that one minute the cheese is there, and the next minute it is gone. It was a lot o’ CHEESE, and it’s disappeared in thirty seconds. In about a week I will be wearing it on my butt, and I ate it MINDLESSLY!


This mindless eating thing reminds me of how much of my day I spend on automatic pilot. I go through the motions, without awareness, and only pay attention when my day is less than stellar. I know that habits are necessary. If I had to think of how to brush and floss every day (and, I do indeed floss…it is a habit:), or how to drive my car or pull on my UGGS, life would be impossible. So HABITS are good things, unless, of course THEY ARE NOT. 
Obviously didn’t get the FLOSSING memo!
The brain’s tendency to habituate means I go through too many parts of my life like a sleepwalker. Since it is the GOAL of THE MONTH to keep off the pounds, there is no room for mindless eating. While I might get away with it at other times of the year, my fridge is stuffed with random goodies of the season, and once they are dumped down the  hatch, they will show up hanging wild and free on my triceps. 
So this week I am going to become more mindful about my food. I will give myself permission to have anything I want, but with the caveat that I must SAVOUR it. I will be fully present, and take pleasure from the food I eat. I will SAVOUR the idea of it, as I choose it. I will SAVOUR its color and texture. I will eat slowly and SAVOUR its flavor. SAVOURING each and every thing in my life is a lofty goal that I could begin today by committing to SAVOURING everything I choose to eat. 
                                                                                                      I really like that word.


Love, Jan 🙂
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Laugh your ass off! It’s good for your health :)


Here’s to laughing more… today and every day. It’s one of the benefits of being human 🙂

Have a great one, full of HUMOR and HAPPINESS! And remember…


Hee hee hee 🙂

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Willpower F-A-T-I-G-U-E!

Oh yes, there is such a thing. Just like muscle fatigue after too many reps with a 50lb weight, yourWillpower poops out when it is overloaded beyond its capacity to endure. If you think about it, you are using our Willpower every day all day, in every area of your crazy busy, life.


It’s no wonder when you have to call upon your Willpower to keep you from eating chocolate cake, it’s off taking a nap somewhere. Self-regulation flies out the window, after a full day of keeping yourself from turning into the Wicked Witch of the West.


Just like any muscle, willpower requires energy to sustain its activity (Hofmann e al.2012)
So in our commitment to keep this a
Weight Gain Free Month, 
Remember that crash dieting and denying yourself all the goodies of the holidays, will stress your Willpower and cause you to fail, just as quickly as gorging on Fruitcake and Eggnog.
Willpower fatigue leads to failure in reaching your goals.
In order to succeed, you need to conserve your willpower by making small changes. That way temptation is easier to resist. Remember… Inch by Inch, Life’s a Cinch; Yard by Yard Life is Hard.
So say “Yes” to temptation, but modify your behaviour  a teeny weeny little bit…let’s say we count
SIX Christmas Cookies instead of Ten as a WIN! 
It’s been proven that doing something familiar, but changing it a little bit, requires much less Willpower than doing something new (like saying “NO” to cookies.That’s just Crazy Talk:)
Remember, this month we are committing to downsizing our portions!
The sweetest treats are very little 🙂
Jan 🙂
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Flexing Your Willpower Muscle!

There are thirty-three days until the NEW YEAR!

Time to start planning (drum roll, please!) Resolutions 2013. 

Every year we seem to enter the New Year all eager and shiny eyed, biceps bulging, carrying lofty intentions and resolutions.
This will be MY year. I will lose weight and exercise more, drink less,  get my stress under control & meditate daily:)
I will be happy, damn-it!
Then all of a sudden, it is March and those resoultions have fizzled like stale Dom Perignon. Seems like the one resolution that’s a shoe-in year after year is failing at our New Year’s resolutions.
       Why, why, why, is failure the one thing I can count on?

ANSWER: Unrealistic Expectations

If there is one thing we tend to misjudge, it is the difficulty of breaking deeply ingrained habits. If you set the bar too high…failure ensues, followed by the dreaded slippery slope of “What’s the use?” “This is too hard.” “I’ll never change.” 
Leading to…

LOSER SYNDROME (and we don’t mean that in a good way)

Referring back to those nerdy researchers who study these things, they tell us:
The Willpower necessary for change is lost, when we fail to meet any part of our goals.
So with that piece of knowledge, we can begin to set ourselves up for success, simply by keeping a goal small and simple. 
If it’s your goal to take off a couple of pounds in the New Year, the time to start is NOW. This month. 
Remember, we tend to gain a solid, two pounds in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we will be well on our way to being a lighter version of ourself, simply by declaring December a… 
Weight Gain Free Month. 
If that goal is too lofty, how’s about a weight gain free, week, day, minute? Downsize those goals, and you will make ’em every time! So let’s give the bathroom scale a little love every day throughout December. Appreciate its feedback, and adjust your goals as you go.
And remember, each time you accomplish a small goal you strengthen your WILLPOWER!

Flex Those Willpower Muscles!

Next week we’ll share some more info on the cornerstone of successful behavior change… 
Yep you got it, WILLPOWER!
You can do it! Love, Jan 🙂
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Why I’m Being So Selfish on Saturday

This Saturday, I’m holding my next HAPPY-U Workshop, an act of ultimate selfishness on my part.

Yes, I continue to be thrilled as ever to share with others what I’ve learned about happiness, positive psychology and yoga in the pursuit of living a fulfilled life, but I’m reeeeeeally doing it for me

I’ve long known about myself that when I’m teaching something I’m passionate about, I’m in my FLOW. Time simultaneously slows down and speeds up. There’s no resistance, there’s no struggle… it become effortless, and I feel at my best. Do you have something like that?

Now over time, the “what I’m passionate about” has changed forms… When I was little, I taught my babydolls and stuffed animals about cursive handwriting as I played School in our playroom. When I was 10, I morphed my love of painting with, err… fingernails… and set up a nail boutique in our basement in which I taught mock seminars on how to do beautiful nail-art.


In highschool and college, I started teaching dance classes, and in my 20’s I became a high school teacher of theatre arts. Now, I still love all those things (esPESH fancy nails, duh), but I’m most passionate about HAPPINESS and all things related to FEELING GOOD.

Happy-U is my new FLOW…

The truth is, preparing and planning these workshops makes me SO happy. Reading, coaching, doing my positive psychology research, preparing the yoga sequences, finding kickass, makes-you-wanna-sing-along music for the playlist… My sense of flow and excitement and enthusiasm starts well before the Workshop begins.

And so I consider it selfish. And wonderful. And exactly what I’m meant to be doing.

The research shows that when you are utilizing your top strengths, you are happier. And so, even now, as I demonstrate GRATITUDE (my #2 strength according to the VIA-Test of Signature Strengths) for the work I get to do, I am feeling better than I did before.

And KNOWING that my Workshop on Saturday is going to be fun, fabulous, and vibration-raising puts to use my #1 strength- Hope, Optimism, and Future Mindedness, so NOW, I feel even BETTER. And also, because EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. who has told me they are coming on Saturday I think is AWESOME and I really truly LIKE, I know it’s gonna be even better, because positive social interactions are among the top happiness-raisers for everyone, no matter who you are or what your strengths might be.


So Saturday, December 1st, at OB Namaste in Ocean Beach from 1-3pm, come watch me be selfish.

And I’ll watch YOU be selfish. Because you’ll be doing something fun, healthy, mind-expanding, and positive for yourSELF. And you deserve it 🙂

Remember, the greatest gift we can give anyone is to be happy ourselves. So in the spirit of the holidays coming up, consider this a gift to your family, your friends, and everyone with whom you encounter. COME GET HAPPY WITH ME 🙂

VISIT www.obnamasteyoga.com and hit the Classes tab to register.


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Holiday “Prehab”

Yep, it is upon us. Tomorrow is the official Kick-Off of a 40 Day eating free-for-all.

Does it have to be that way? Well, here in coaching land, we know the answer is “NO”. We support people as they change their crappy habits all the time. We know change IS possible. It’s never easy, never without missteps, usually messy and challenging, but totally possible.

So, “How?” you might ask, is it possible to avoid the inevitable holiday food hangover?

We answer,”Baby steps, Friends, Baby steps.” It is the way change happens. One little tiny step at a time.

The first step is the hardest.

Ready for it?

That’s it.

STEP #1 in successful habit change…

 DECIDE to Change.

Not kinda/sorta decide, Oh No. You need to fully, completely, and wholeheartedly decide. 

Guess how we know that’s true? Because all those really smart nerdy researchers who spend their time studying the human condition, tell us…

 Committing to change is a predictor of success. (Duhigg2012)

 No committment? No change!


Then, we have to take Step #2

 STEP #2 in successful habit change…

 Believe you CAN Change.


Those nerdling researchers say…

 When believing in change becomes a habit, change becomes real (Duhigg 2012)


So let’s make a REAL commitment to change something in our eating pattern tomorrow. One little baby step, in the right direction, begins the process of change for an entire holiday season. Heck, who knows, maybe for an entire lifetime. We won’t know unless we try.

Just come up with one little easy committiment, like grabbing a smaller plate off the buffet, instead of a ginormous dinner plate.


Come up with just one little thing, and let us know what it is. We love to steal great ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jan & Karson 🙂

~~~Every Wednesday through the holiday season, we’ll be offering coaching tips on how to stay healthy and keep those extra pounds OFF during this time of celebration, holiday parties, and apple pies. Because guess what… We CAN have our pie and eat it too AND not get fat! YEAH!~~

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The Devil Made Me Do It!

Ok Friends, Halloween might be over, but we are entering the scariest time of the year!
We are officially entering “Holiday Season.” Guess what that means?

Oh Yeah! You’ve got it. Pigamortus is about to set in.

A well known fact amongst Wellness and Happiness Coaches, like Guru Karson and MamaGuru Jan, is that over the next six weeks, the weight gain for the “average” human American is around 2lbs!
Now maybe a simple two pounds doesn’t sound that bad to you right now. But do the math. If you gain two pounds every holiday season, let’s say over twenty years, that’s 40lbs! Just from these six weeks!

Holy Guacamole, Batman!

Since we are COACHES, we are not going to let this happen to OUR peeps! So we are going to do what we do best, and COACH you through the maze of Devilish Desserts, Beelzebub Brews and

the Satanic Snasages in a Blanket Horderves of the Holiday Season!

So WEDNESDAYS for the next six weeks, grab yo’self some coaching, simply by following the Bloggity Blog. It’s our intention to “coach you up” making this a “fat free” holiday for all of us!
If you know someone who might also want to come out the other end of the season without a new Fabulous Fat Suit, sent ’em a link to the Bloggity Blog:)

Eddie Murphy after Thanksgiving, 2006


Jan & Karson 🙂

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What does your body say about you?

What story does your body tell about you?

Does it tell the story of someone who loves herself, her health, and her wellbeing?

Or does it tell the story of neglect, laziness, and carelessness?

It’s kind of a harsh question to ask yourself, but be real here… Your body says a lot about you!

Esther Tuttle, age 99: “Your body is your instrument, and you have to take beautiful care of it. I do one hour of yoga and walk for 30 minutes every day. You really enjoy life a lot more if you’re healthy.”

Listen to your body… Reward it when it does something good for you (like make it through a vinyasa yoga class or goes for a run), but reward it with what it’s really asking for: water, vegetables, and healthy cooking!

You know that feeling of guilt and overindulgence after you’ve stuffed your face or sat on the couch for three days straight? Your body’s talking to you! It wants you to get moving!

As we enter the holiday season, it’s going to be easier than ever to overeat and underexercise. So NOW is the time to find the balance you so need to carry you through the holidays with health, radiance, and vibrancy!

According to the HAPPY-U Positive Psychology Research Squad, there are few things you can do to set yourself up for success with regard to your body and how you treat it:

1) Mind the negative self-talk. We think between 60,00-80,000 thoughts a day, and about 70-80% of those thoughts are negative! First become aware of your negative mental chatter, then start replacing those thoughts with positive ones. (i.e. replace “I’m such a fat beast” with “Actually, I’m a sexy beast who ate too much, so I’m going to do something awesome for myself and go for a walk. I rock!“)

2) Rather than going in a shame spiral, move into action. Remember, every day is a chance to start again. Stop thinking about going for a walk, and just GO!

3) Slow down your eating and speed up your walking. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to register you’re full. If you usually down your plate of food in less time than that, you’re more likely to take seconds when you really didn’t need it. (Ya hear me, Thanksgiving bellies?!?) And when you go for your walk, you can burn twice as many calories in a 20-min mile than a 30-min mile. So squeeze that butt and pick up the pace! Your heart will beat faster, giving you a strong dose of endorphins and longevity! YEAH 🙂


Set yourself up for a fun, healthy, and great-feeling holiday this year 🙂 Now’s the time!



Karson & Jan 🙂

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You Have Permission to Feel Fecking Fantastic

As a positive psychology coach, I am trained to spot people’s strengths and help them to utilize them more efficiently to live their very happiest & best lives. But what happens when you identify that a strength is  working against you?

Let me explain… One self-identified strength I have is to rationalize. It’s great for me most of the time because it helps me to justify dreaming big and tackling my BHAGS (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), but often this gift for rationalizing also keeps me home in my PJ’s instead of putting on my sneakers and getting outside (“I’m honoring my body, I shouldn’t push myself.”), to forgoing my meditation practice (“Returning e-mails is a better use of my time anyway”) to eating another few mini-Snickers from the Halloween bowl (“I worked hard today, I deserve a treat, and I don’t want to throw them away when children are starving in Africa! That would be so irresponsible!”).



So, what gives, Mr. Rationalization? Why is it that we are so good at pretending we don’t need to exercise or meditate or eat kale, when we KNOW we’d feel better if we did? Is it because there are inevitable side effects, like enthusiasm, laughter, energy, having a hot bod, and feeling damn good about ourselves? Just because OTHER people are lazy/ unmotivated/ or otherwise “meh” about their lives DOESN’T mean I should be.

I deserve to feel frickin’ fantastic, and you do to.

So today, I remind myself that I deserve to be truly happy and to flourish. When do I really feel happy? When I feel healthy, when I exercise, when I treat my body right, and when I feel spiritually connected to the true Source of Who I Am.

I’ve really only regretted NOT going for a walk or going to yoga…
I’ve NEVER regretted having DONE it.

I give myself permission to feel REALLY REALLY GOOD no matter what other people are doing, and remember that I can outsmart that sneaky, creative, justifier if I really keep my eye on what I want…

It’s a new month, another new beginning, and a perfect opportunity to ignore the Nay-Sayers, Negative Nellies and Rationalizing Raccoons (go with it), get off your bum, and DO WHAT MAKES YOUR SOUL SING.

And while you’re at it, STOP telling yourself that you can’t meditate for 15 minutes a day and JOIN me in the Happy-U Accountability Group for the Chopra Center Meditation Challenge. Click here to read about it and hold yourself to a higher standard of life 🙂

Happy November, my friends!! Make it count 🙂 XOXOX

Karson 🙂


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