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Take a Stand: Raise Your Vibration!

on April 16, 2013

From “Yeah Dave”‘s Blog about Livin’ in the Moment…takeStand

The awful news hit you like a sledgehammer.

The media kept replaying the video of that older man about to finish the marathon…

…until that vicious wave of bad energy from the explosion, knocked him to his knees.

Let’s turn this evil on its ear!

As there is bad energy, so is there good!

According to Dr. David Hawkins who studies human energy…

…one person who emanates a high vibration of pure peace has the ability to counterbalance 10 million people who have low vibrations.

Hawkins uses the example of Gandhi, a 90 pound man who single-handedly overcame the British Empire, which was then the greatest force in the world.

We might be a far cry from Gandhi…

…but if we as individuals want to take a stand against sick, twisted, evil people doing terrible things like the Boston massacre, what can we do?


Stand up to bad by focusing on GOOD.

–In honor of the victims in yesterday’s bombing, bless this day with a full sortie of grattitude, with an extra ‘t’.

–When you catch yourself listening to all the bad news from Boston, take a moment to counter it with some good news (ie watch the video below…it will lift your spirits)

–If you get depressed or angry about our sick and twisted world, do something nice to make your little corner of the universe sweet and beautiful.

This is not about turning a blind eye but OPENING A LOVING HEART.

This is not about being a wussy peacemonger, but UNLEASHING AN OFFENSIVE OF GOOD VIBRATIONS.

Last time we were struck by terror almost 12 years ago, it made us a scared and angry nation.

That’s not who we are.

This time let’s turn to Power, not force.


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