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Reflections of an unborn baby’s mama :)

on February 18, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve written… So much has been going on in my world, that the daily writing of the Bloggity Blog has become more of a weekly occurrence… but I’m sure you’ll forgive me 🙂 After all, you also know what it’s like to be busy…


But here we are… a Monday morning, with me in front of the fire and and snoring pup at my heels. I try to keep my early Monday mornings free to catch up, plan my week, and to reflect on what’s happening in my life before I head off to teach some yoga.



On this particular Monday, I’m gazing at the black & white profile of my already-perfect baby boy, in a photo taken on Thursday where we saw his face (and his penis!) for the very first time. We are ecstatic 🙂 We thought since the beginning that it was a boy, but to actually KNOW, and to conceive of having a SON, is just blowing our minds. We’re celebrating at every turn.

boy cupcake

Mitch has been finding specks of paint all over his body for days now, since painting Baby Boy’s room a calming blue. Knowing his love and excitement are in each brushstroke makes me love the color and the newly built room even more. In this next week, a carpet will be put in, soft enough for baby to crawl on, and the closet shelving system will be installed, organized enough for this mama to hang his sweet clothes that I have been dying to buy. Also this week, I get cracking on the ginormous stack of pregnancy & baby books that I own, as I’m now on the other side of halfway through. This is real. It’s happening. I’m having a SON 🙂

little boy

Yesterday, I had the privilege of teaching the first of a 6-week Prenatal Yoga series at Happy-U Namasté, and I must say… it was awesome 🙂 Not because of me, but because it was literally awe-some to sit in a circle of a dozen glowing mamas-to-be, and to laugh and move and sing and see each other with familiar eyes. I felt blessed to be able to embark on that journey with these women… another moment when I have felt that although it has felt overwhelming at times to be pregnant for the first time AND buy a yoga studio and run it with my husband all at once, that this is EXACTLY the way my story is supposed to be unfolding. I am so grateful.


Anyway, thanks for indulging me… It feels good to just write for the sake of reflection. I remind myself to find the time for moments like this amongst the hustle and bustle. We all must.

Big love!! XO ~Baby Boy’s Mama, Karson McG



2 responses to “Reflections of an unborn baby’s mama :)

  1. Joni Van Genderen says:

    Beautiful, Baby Boy’s Mama! Congratulations to you and Mitch! xoxo

  2. Jen Urban says:

    So excited for you guys!

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