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Kick Me

on February 3, 2013

So I’m at that point in my pregnancy where I’m supposed to start feeling the baby kick. I felt the first one earlier this week, but Mitch was at the studio and missed it. So for the past few days, we’ve been trying to cajole our little one into kicking for Daddy on command. Strangely, he/she does not kick on command. And thus it begins… defiant little soul.


In my pregnancy books (all one billion of them), it says that the best way to feel the baby kick is actually to– you ready for it?– be still. Apparently, when you’re moving all day, it lulls the baby to sleep (think a perpetual rocker). Then, when you’re still, the baby wakes up and is like, “Ma?! I’m ready to dance/kick/play/have a tantrum” whatever. The baby can communicate, and most importantly, you can hear the messages.

This makes so much sense to me, it’s ridiculous. I’ve been moving around so much lately, no wonder it’s hard to catch this baby on the move. It’s like trying to pinpoint a ripple in a rocky surf.


And so, last night, we slowed down. Me, Mitch, and the babe. We breathed. We listened. We laughed. We let go. And lo and behold… WaBAM!

kick 2

Quite a solid metaphor for life, huh? Having trouble receiving the messages of the universe (or of your own gut, for that matter)?

slow down

That’s right…SLOW DOWN. Quiet yourself. Meditate. Do some yoga. Settle your mind so you can receive inspiration. If you’re always thinking, you can’t hear divine wisdom. If you’re always talking, you can’t hear anything. And if you’re always moving, you can’t feel the subtle shifts that may be happening in your body (be it a baby, or otherwise) that are communicating to you the loveliest messages of all. Connect with yourself through some stillness and quiet, and behold the magic that awaits you. It could blow your mind…



2 responses to “Kick Me

  1. MaMaFlimFlam says:

    What a beautiful post, K! I love you.

  2. Joni Van Genderen says:

    So true! What a great metaphor for life. xoxo

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