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amazon.com + Walter = Happy-Me:)

on February 1, 2013

I see my UPS man, Walter, on a daily basis. The doorbell rings, and there he is smiling from ear-to-ear in the freezing cold, presenting me with a box from Amazon. He gently hands it to me as if it were filled with Steuben Crystal, instead of heavy books. Somehow this sweet man knows that he is delivering a precious pirates booty of treasure to me.  He  takes such pride in personally handing me these gifts I order for myself. When Walter shows up, I know my day is about to take a happy turn.

Today’s arrival? The classic,

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.


Written in 1902 this is a wonderful little book filled with inspirational truths.

It needs to be read many times,

Number 3

not only for its wisdom, but for its simple message and beauty. I love everything about this book, from its original hard cover to its beautiful paper pages. Because Walter came to my door today, I have spent the afternoon in a place of deep contentment and pure enjoyment immersing myself in this easy read, written 111 years ago.

Life is good, very, very good:)


I can’t help but think of the effect this book has had on me, and to reflect on how we each have a seed of desire within us to serve humanity in one way or another. James Allen has left his legacy on the printed page, spreading a message of hope and love down through generations. Most of us will leave the world a better place for having been a part of it. If we are aware of it or not, I do believe it’s true.

I wonder how Walter the UPS guy, planned to save the world when he was a young man? I somehow doubt he saw wearing a brown uniform, driving a brown truck, delivering brown packages, throughout winter brown neighborhoods, as his way to uplift humanity. But boy, how wrong that belief would have been. He is a man who has found his OWN special calling. Spreading smiles,happiness, kindness and joyfilled brown boxes, far and wide, HE is my definition of a Lightworker. HE is living a very purposed filled life.


So, I thank you, Walter, for “working joyfully and peacefully.” I thank you for your kindness and “right efforts.”  I thank you for being such a shining example of the important part each and every one of us plays in the well-being of our fellow human family. You truly are a “Prince Among Men.” I am your biggest fan.



P.S…A special ‘thank you’ for wearing those goofy shorts, knee socks and cub scout hat in the summertime. You make me smile!


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