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Rampage of Appreciation: 10 Reasons Why my Workshop Rocked :)

on December 2, 2012

Happy-U Guy

1. It was sold out 🙂 Seriously, we would have been hard pressed to fit any more mats in there, and it made the energy & the vibration SO incredibly awesome.


2. The demographic was incredible. Men, women, older people, younger people, siblings, spouses, friends, and strangers. And of those people, half had taken my workshops before, and half were brand new to me, and had heard about it from a friend or on the blog. So rad!

3. My husband was front and center. Now granted, Mitch is technically part of the HAPPY-U team, but it can’t be understated how uplifting it is to have your husband right there, beaming with pride, totally into it, and supporting what you’re passionate about.

4. I managed my time! Two hours goes by SO quickly when I’m in the zone. When I’m flowing, grooving on this positive psychology stuff and on how it and yoga can make your life infinitely better, one hour seems like a minute. So the fact that I never had to rush, that I had done enough HAPPY-U workshops this year to know how long things would take, and I actually got everything done in exactly two hours was a tremendous sense of pride for me.

5. My playlist was effing legendary. Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews, the Beatles… highlights for me were the group sing-alongs to Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror (“If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change!”) and Sublime’s What I Got (“Lovin’ in what I got!”). And all while holding yoga poses, no less 🙂 Gave me chills!


6. Laughter. Nothing raises your vibration quite like laughter, and boy, was this a fun bunch. Everyone was so light and open, willing to be playful but took the stuff seriously as well. Having been a high school teacher for 5 years in my former life, I know the distinct difference between a room full of disjointed laughter and a room full of focused laughter that improves, rather than detracts from what’s going on. This felt good in my soul.

7. I heard some great stories before and after the workshop. Everything from someone who had cleaned her fridge after reading yesterday’s post to one gal telling me about her elderly father having had silently participated in the Happy-U Accountability Group for the Meditation Challenge and how he’s now hooked on the blog! So great 🙂

8. I got to see people do headstands for the first time! (Well, I reminded everyone that we all did ’em when we were 3, but peeps were going for it for the first time in their adult lives!) At one point in the yoga portion, we partnered up and spotted/supported one another through an inversion of our choice. I had a few pairs flag me down to say they didn’t know what to do, but with a little guidance they did it! Little Tripod Headstands produced Big Fat Smiles yesterday. And I got to be witness 🙂

9. People came away empowered, invigorated, and prepared for action on how to choose happiness more of the time. People were standing taller, fully motivated, and armed with new information that could steer their lives on a clearer, more joyful, more positive path 🙂 It was wonderful to see.

10. And finally, when Mitch and I got home, we had a voicemail that a very special delivery we had ordered was on its way and will be at our door any minute.

And here it is!! SHA-ZAM! The new HAPPY-U MOBILE!!!!


I am not even kidding.


So yeah!! Basically, yesterday kicked major ass, and I am more motivated than ever to continue spreading the HAPPY-U word and jammin’ out whilst I do it. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who came out yesterday and played with me. I had such a blast, and I can’t wait to do it again!!

Big love!! XXOXOX



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