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Making it happen!

So maybe you’ve brainstormed some resolutions for the new year and are planning some goals… Good for you! Yesterday’s goal was simply to come up with a list of some things you’d like to work on in 2013.

Here are a few more we love…

So now, here’s the message for TODAY…

important goals

Make sure the goals you choose MATTER. It’s all too easy to set a goal you THINK you should set– because you or someone else made you think it was the best thing for you– but it’s even EASIER to FAIL on your goal by making excuses because it didn’t resonate on a deep level.

Why set resolutions just to break them? Don’t make the goal “Drink less alcohol this year” just to be pious because you think you should… only make it if it has purpose for you and you really mean it. (Or if the baby in your belly mandated that goal for you and you have no choice– cough cough, ahem ;))

So take some time to really reflect on what’s important to you as you set your resolutions. It sounds obvious, but it can make all the difference!


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Rehearsing for Goal-Setting Day :)


How are those New Year’s Resolutions comin’ along? Have you started thinking about them yet?

common resolutions

Well, as you know, we’ll be guiding a New Year’s Day Goal-Setting Workshop at our new studio, Namaste Yoga Center, and we truly can’t wait. Goal-setting and helping people to dream big and create lasting change in their lives is our JAM! We live for it!

But good goals don’t just come out out of thin air… And actually we were talking today about how challenging it can be to come up with any at ALL sometimes– let alone ones that stick! We’re encouraging those of you coming to the workshop to come prepared with a few goals you have in mind, but I thought it might be helpful for ALL of you to have a little guidance and we enter these last few days of 2012.

So the goal for today? Just start brainstorming some ideas. They don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to take more than a few minutes to do it. Sometimes starting to spin the wheels is the hardest part… once you get ’em going, it all starts comin’ to you!

So here are a few to get you started…


Too big?

Not big enough?

Keep going!



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Day-after Cleanup!

“Be like a postage stamp-stick to one thing till you get there.” Josh Billings



Yoikes, I  am sitting here in the wreckage of the “Day After” wondering
“How’m I Ever Gonna Get this M.E.S.S. Cleaned Up?” 



Then I posed my query to Coach Karson and she said…”Ma…you gotta have GOALS.”

Then I said,



Then she said,



“Okay,” says I, “I plan to start now.”




Eek, It’s Tierney!


Happy Frappy Post-Holiday Clean-Up!
Jan 🙂



It’s the end of the world as I know it! And I’ve got HUGE news!

I’m not lying… this really is the end of the world for me… The world I’ve always known. And it’s AMAZING!!!!

I am thrilled to announced two huge changes in my life
that will forever change my universe 🙂

The first:

As of January 1, 2013, Happy-U is the new owner of OB Namaste Yoga Center!

Yes it’s true, we have a home for Happy-U in Ocean Beach!

Namaste Logo

Namaste OB is our favorite Yoga Studio on the planet, and after teaching there for three years, I feel it is truly my home away from home. I am so thrilled and excited that in the New Year, we can apply our Happy-U philosophy to fun & creative classes, workshops, and seminars at Happy-U Namaste Yoga and Coaching Center. Whoo Hoo.

The best part of all, is this is a truly a FAMILY mission, as my fantastic husband, Mitch, joins us in the “Happiness”  business by taking over the  day-to-day operation of Happy-U Namaste Yoga and Coaching Center. We hope that sister, Tierney, will be joining in. (Once she stops traveling the world on her Magic Unicorn.) Mama Jan & I will continue to co-create and teach Happy-U Classes and Workshops, and Papa Pat has agreed to drive the Happy-U Mobile around town, making people smile:)

Oh yeah, and one more thing, our eco friendly, 100% electric Happy-U Mobile, will be sporting some sweet new signage and… a car seat! 

Because, (Big News #2)


This summer there will be a Happy-U Baby McGinley Nugget joining the family business.

This is such a thrilling time for us, and the beginning of a whole new world.

Me and Mitch

Me and Mitch

We are so grateful that you, our extended family, are on this crazy ride with us.

Much love,

Karson, Mitch, and Jan


Happy RamaKwanKahMas!

Okay Gang, we are coming nearer to the end of the holiday rush,
and no matter which tradition you follow…


the question remains:
How am I going to push on through this next week or two, with patience, grace, and my WEIGHT GAIN FREE holiday intentions intact?
I know, I know, affirmation, meditation and exercise can make a world of difference in my mental and physical well-being during these next few weeks. So why are they always the things I toss by the wayside during this season of crazy busyness? This year I am going to give my family the gift they all deserve, and hold myself to a higher standard.
Because, the truth is…I’ve Got This Holiday Thing DOWN! I know what to do, and how to do it. I’ve done it multiple times before, and I always get it done, so why all the drama?
 Dear Family,
 Here is my gift to you… I promise to be a 
who is sticking by her commitment to a Weight Gain Free Month  
Resting when I need to.
Exercising even when I don’t want to.
Eating before I get Hangry.
Breathing, because I have to 
Remembering, the truth is… 
I am Happy. 
I am Healthy.
I am Grateful.
Merry RaMaKwanKahMas!
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A Simple Reminder…



Remember, they key to the Christmas season is PRESENCE, not PRESENTS 🙂

Buy less, hug more.

Consume less, savor more.

Stress less, laugh more.

With love,

Karson & Jan

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Life’s Challenges

When faced with a big challenge… a big, scary, unknown challenge,

it’s easy to be intimidated by the possibility of failure.


But I remind myself it’s not my job to be perfect.

It’s not my responsibility to know exactly what to do at every turn.

The fact that I DON’T know what to do means I’m pushing myself to expand.

And it feels much better to look at it that  I’m playing a big game of life rather than being played myself.

Sail My Ship Quote

All I need to do is put my crown on and ACT like I’m the king of the forest, and trust that the big scary things will bow down to me when I claim charge.

Wild things

So here’s to your challenges, whatever they may be…

May you face them confidently, gracefully, swiftly and with a smile 🙂 You’re going to learn something about yourself whether you like it or not…



Karson 🙂

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Start the New Year with us!!



We are SO excited to announce that for the first time ever, BOTH of us will be guiding one of our fabulous HAPPY-U Workshops on New Year’s Day!

New Years Poster 1


Start 2013 on a this most positive note at our Goal-setting Workshop & Yoga Extravaganza at Namaste Yoga Center in Ocean Beach! One hour of group coaching on developing strong & manageable goals for the new year (who couldn’t use that?!), and one hour of a fun-filled & inspirational all-levels yoga practice to shake of 2012 and ring in the new year strong, flexible, and light at heart!

Space is limited, so pre-registration is required 🙂

…which is actually a GOOD thing or you… maybe help to motivate you not to have that 7th glass of champagne the night before.


Tell your friends, your spouse, your mom, or anyone you think would rather start 2013 feeling AWESOME, rather than hungover and full of regrets 🙂


Woot! Can’t wait 🙂

XO Karson & Jan



I have a habit. It’s called eating. It’s something I do every day, many times a day. Most days, I only know I have this habit because I find myself in front of the refrigerator with a huge piece of cheese in my hand. 

I don’t remember thinking about getting the cheese. I don’t remember thinking about how much cheese I should/would like to eat. I just know that one minute the cheese is there, and the next minute it is gone. It was a lot o’ CHEESE, and it’s disappeared in thirty seconds. In about a week I will be wearing it on my butt, and I ate it MINDLESSLY!


This mindless eating thing reminds me of how much of my day I spend on automatic pilot. I go through the motions, without awareness, and only pay attention when my day is less than stellar. I know that habits are necessary. If I had to think of how to brush and floss every day (and, I do indeed floss…it is a habit:), or how to drive my car or pull on my UGGS, life would be impossible. So HABITS are good things, unless, of course THEY ARE NOT. 
Obviously didn’t get the FLOSSING memo!
The brain’s tendency to habituate means I go through too many parts of my life like a sleepwalker. Since it is the GOAL of THE MONTH to keep off the pounds, there is no room for mindless eating. While I might get away with it at other times of the year, my fridge is stuffed with random goodies of the season, and once they are dumped down the  hatch, they will show up hanging wild and free on my triceps. 
So this week I am going to become more mindful about my food. I will give myself permission to have anything I want, but with the caveat that I must SAVOUR it. I will be fully present, and take pleasure from the food I eat. I will SAVOUR the idea of it, as I choose it. I will SAVOUR its color and texture. I will eat slowly and SAVOUR its flavor. SAVOURING each and every thing in my life is a lofty goal that I could begin today by committing to SAVOURING everything I choose to eat. 
                                                                                                      I really like that word.


Love, Jan 🙂
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Laugh your ass off! It’s good for your health :)


Here’s to laughing more… today and every day. It’s one of the benefits of being human 🙂

Have a great one, full of HUMOR and HAPPINESS! And remember…


Hee hee hee 🙂

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