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My Imperfect Meditation Challenge

on November 25, 2012

Today is the 21st day of the Chopra Center Meditation Challenge, and I feel proud to say I completed it 🙂

It wasn’t easy, though. And I say this because I want to acknowledge that you’re not a failure if meditation is hard for you… You’re human!

It’s a challenge for every person in a different way… For some it’s difficult (if not seemingly impossible) just to sit still and quiet for 15 minutes at a time without moving. Sometimes, that’s the case with me. But this time around with the meditation challenge, FINDING THE TIME and having the DISCIPLINE to just do it AT ALL was the difficult part.

The last time I did the Challenge was the Free to Love one that Chopra held in July. If I may say so, I kicked ASS at that one… Every morning, same time, with out fail, I was in my meditation seat doin’ my thang.

This time, however, I had a hard time finding my routine. Every morning found itself faced with different circumstances, different things on my to-do list pressing on my attention, and a different temperament from the Furry Happiness Guru that would either beg me to take her out NOW NOW NOW or stab me in the heart with her cuteness.

Now I could go on for days with excuses about why I could have NOT meditated… and I’ll be honest with you, some of the days I didn’t meditate at all– but my point here is that I did the best I could, and I FORGAVE myself for not doing it perfectly.

If I skipped one day, I did two the next day. I didn’t get down on myself, I just went with it. And I’ll tell you what… I felt proportionately better/happier/calmer/nicer on the days I did 2 than the days I did none. I am sure this is no coincidence. But I also learned that just because I messed up the one day didn’t mean I needed to scrap the whole challenge. (I was a child who’d throw the whole page of the coloring book away if I accidentally went outside the lines :))

So maybe this challenge came up for me for a different reason. I’d already proven to myself that I am capable of meditating for 21 days in a row for 15 minutes a day…

This time, perhaps, I needed to learn that doing the best you can is equally as valuable and being perfect isn’t any more valuable than keeping your eyes open to your imperfections and moving forward anyway.


One response to “My Imperfect Meditation Challenge

  1. juella says:

    Beautiful message Karson!

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