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Preference Makes the World Go ‘Round

on November 16, 2012

“I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”
~Claude Monet

“I hate flowers. I only paint them because they’re cheaper than models and don’t move.” ~Georgia O’Keefe

We don’t all have to love the same things. Having preferences strengthens our characters and personalities, whether it’s what you think God looks like, the type of peanut butter you buy, or what you look for in a mate… Preferences make the world go round.

The problem comes when we start judging that which is not what we’d choose. We judge our own choices, get annoyed with anyone who believes something other than we do, make laws against other peoples choices, and in extreme cases, engage in wars over them.

Now of course, I can’t control religious wars all over the world, but I CAN contribute an attitude of ACCEPTANCE & COMPASSION to this planet by embracing the varying array of choices out there. I don’t condemn them, because I know how scary the world would be if we all liked the exact same things!


Now, I jest… I love them polygamists– they spice the world up, with their intricate hairdos and high-necked frocks. I CHOOSE to be the only wife to my single solitary husband, and they can CHOOSE to do their thing! I don’t need to change them or be mad about it. I want to live in a world with lots of contrast 🙂


One of my very favorite excerpts from Abraham-Hicks’ book, Ask and It Is Given, is called Do Not Put Those Unwanted Ingredients in Your Pie!, and it goes like this:

Imagine yourself as a chef in an extremely well-stocked kitchen that contains every imaginable ingredient. Let us say that you have a clear idea of the culinary creation you desire, and you understand how to combine these easily accessible ingredients in order to fulfill your desire. And as you proceed, there are many ingredients that are not appropriate for your creation, so you do not utilize them, but you also feel no discomfort about their existence. You simply utilize the ingredient that will enhance your creation– and you leave the ingredients that are not appropriate for your creation out of your pie.

Some of the ingredients in this well-stocked kitchen are harmonious with your creation, and some of them are not. But even though adding some of the ingredients to your creation would absolutely ruin your pie, you do not feel the need to push against those ingredients, or to ban them from the kitchen, because you understand that there is no reason for them to end up in your pie unless YOU  put them in it. And since you are clear about which ones enhance your creation and which ones do not enhance it, you feel no concern about the great variety of ingredients that exist.

Mmmm… pie….

So embrace the contrast in your world today… There’s enough room for ALL of choices 🙂



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