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No, I’m not drunk- I’m a beginner!

on October 12, 2012

Complete this sentence:

The above picture was drawn by someone:

a) who is drunk

b) who has taken ambien

c) is being mindful

Those of you who have known me for a while realize the answer could really me any of these, but today, the answer is C! I drew this picture this morning with my LEFT hand (I’m a righty), as a practice in MINDFULNESS, and more specifically, the Beginner’s Mind 🙂


I’m transcribing this from my journal, after a full day of using my non-dominant hand:

Today, I began an adventure in mindfulness. A practice in Svadhyaya that will help me to live life more fully & joyfully.To be more ALIVE in every moment.

Rather than letting my MIND take over the moments in my life, I choose to rest my awareness in the ACTUAL moments as they happen. The sounds, the scents taken in through my nose, the sensations on my skin in my body, the colors and shapes I see with my eyes. I will slow down and BREATHE.

In this mindfulness practice, I USED MY NON-DOMINANT HAND. By using my left hand as much as possible (or at least becoming aware of how and when I don’t use my left hand), I am practicing PATIENCE and cultivating the BEGINNER’S MIND.

It is my gift to the world and my immediate environment to be present and calm in my energy 🙂

It’s so crazy to realize… My right hand thinks it’s RIGHT! It knows how to do things better than my left, and wants to jump in and help every time my left hand struggles with something. There were times I just didn’t have the time to wait for lefty to accomplish the task. In that moment, I recognized how much I take for granted, how quickly I tend to move, and the power of slowwwwwing things dowwwwwn.

Highlights from the day: Eating with a fork. Awkward. Tying my drawstring pants. What?! Brushing my teeth. Ridiculously awkward. Putting mascara on (which, for the preservation of my vanity and eyesight, I allowed my right hand to do). 

Overall, I felt refreshed to allow myself not to do something well. It made me appreciate my skills a little more. And it made me laugh to feel like a newborn baby fawn stumbling around for the first time.


So, I don’t know, give it a try… See if you have the patience to slow down enough to let your non-dominant hand lead the dance for once. If not, what does that say about your mindframe in the moment? Can you use your experience to dig deeper and learn something about yourself? Can you acknowledge that Beginner’s Mind and see things from a new perspective?I did. And then I got over it and decided my right hand was the leader for a reason 🙂


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