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Trying Times and Flaccid Goals

on September 12, 2012
You know, I read somewhere that when we say “I will try or “I hope” it is code for “I won’t”  or “I wish I could, but I know I won’t”.
e.g. “I will try to make your party,”  means you’re already working on your excuses. Or how about, “I will try to get back to exercise as soon as my life gets back on track.” Ummm, really? When will that be…EXACTLY?
These are examples of soft goals that keep us spinning our wheels forever. Soft goals are self-sabotage. Pure and Simple.  Hard goals are what keep us in action and moving forward. One tiny, non-negotionable, do-or-die hard goal a day, executed exactly as you imagined yourself best self doing it, is a real boost to your self-esteem. A chance to feel awesome about yourself. 
I like feeling awesome about myself, so my hard goal for today? I will deal with the mountain of mail on my desk.  I’m not going to “try,” I am going to write it on my calendar and put a check mark by it when I am done. 
I feel better already.

One response to “Trying Times and Flaccid Goals

  1. Superb! Take control of your life before someone else does, awesome message, as usual! Thanks for blogging 🙂

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