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What’s in your cage?

on August 17, 2012

The truth feels good. So what’s with the little pang of panic that precedes it? When it’s a deep truth, or maybe a truth that you didn’t want to admit, maybe the pang of panic is huge. So you push it down. You deny it. You run from it and tell another story. Is that so bad? I don’t know. But it can be exhausting. So I tell you this, from a place of experience and love… If you acknowledge it and draw up the courage to face “the beast” head on, you will likely find that its teeth weren’t quite as sharp as you thought.

And at least now you know. No more wondering and worrying “what if”, because you’ve looked it right in the face and know exactly what you’re dealing with. That is courage. That is truth.

Over the course of my life, especially in my mid-twenties, I wasted so much time being afraid of the truth. And even worse, I was afraid of what I THOUGHT was the truth, and it wasn’t EVEN the truth! I was too afraid to really dive in to my fears and anxieties to even know what I was dealing with. It always seems so much worse in your head, doesn’t it?

But if you let yourself go down the pathways of your deepest fears to encounter what is really true, you can hold it and cradle it, and move on. Sometimes all it needs is a little acknowledgement and vrrooom! it’s out the door. Sometimes, it wants a bit more attention, like some planning or some acceptance, but in the end, it too will scamper away into the beyond. You’re not caging it up any more. And it’s free.

What can you let go of this week? What is it you have caged up inside that is dying to be acknowledged and then set free? It won’t be nearly as big a deal as you THINK it will be, but the rewards will be greater than you can ever imagine. 

Be brave. See the truth. You are an amazing, beautiful soul who came forth in this existence to figure things out for yourself. So play this awe-some game of life and stop running from it. Acknowledge all of you, warts and all, and know that you’re doing the best you can. Love yourself and the experiences that have made you who you are. You are a magnificent & complex soul who grows and expands with every moment of self-reflection. So may you become lighter today. May you be willing to do the work to let go and be free. May you make room for something beautiful. You’ll thank yourself in the morning 🙂


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