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I Choose Love

on August 15, 2012

“There are few things more sacred than the moment you come to peace with your pieces.” ~Marney Makridakis

Sometimes, I go “meditation dipping” into my iTunes collection of meditations. Just like when we pick Grace Cards at the beginning of yoga class, I trust that I always pick the perfect one for me in the moment. And so this morning, I did. The mantra for this particular meditation was “I CHOOSE LOVE.”

And so, I have carried this mantra around with me all day, and have watched it bring me great comfort. Each time I approached a fork in the road, I reminded myself, “I choose love”, and just like that, I knew which path to take. When I was unsure of how to handle a tricky situation, I remembered that “I choose love” and somehow all other choices not based in love merged into the shadows and the answer became clear. In fact, nothing seemed quite so burdensome when I simply chose love.

There’s something about “choosing” that feels so good, you know?

I get to CHOOSE.

I could choose fear or revenge or shame or blame or guilt, but instead, I choose love. It’s not a default. I choose it every time. And that feels sooooo good to me. That feels like TRUTH. And when I’m living my truth, it’s like I am riding with the current instead of paddling upstream. The muscles in my body soften and I surrender to love. It’s really not that complicated. I just try choosing love. And the rest takes care of itself.

What is YOUR truth? As I’ve said in yoga this week, it really isn’t something for you to figure out mentally, it’s something you offer out to the universe. Your job is simply to create enough inner space to receive the answer. So loosen your grip, open your heart, and be open to whatever arises for you.

Ghandi said,

How beautiful it would be, if all of us, young and old, men and women,
devoted ourselves wholly to Truth in all that we might do in our waking hours,
whether working, eating, drinking or playing,
till dissolution of the body makes us one with Truth?
God as Truth has been for me a treasure beyond price;
may He be so to every one of us.”

 And should you lose your way… just choose LOVE.


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