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Letting Go

on July 5, 2012

When I was a little girl, I had terrible anxiety. There was a phase of my life, around 3rd & 4th grade, when I constantly thought my mom was going to die; it was awful. I wouldn’t want to go to school, and when I did go, I’d make myself so sick I’d have to go to the nurse so she’d call my mom to come get me. Ugh, just thinking about it now brings that feeling back to the pit of my stomach.

I’m not sure why I had such terrible anxiety. It didn’t appear to be founded in anything. As a grown woman now, I can only imagine how horrible that must have been for my mom to witness. That kind of thing breaks your heart…

But eventually how she handled it helped me to heal and get a handle on what I was experiencing… And it’s a tool I still use to self-soothe to this day. It’s so simple– for a child, it should be, right?– but even for a grown-up, sometimes simple is best.

Here it is… Take that fear, that pain, that inner ache. Bring it into your hands. Look at it, cup in your palms, and really sit with it a moment until you’re sure it’s all in there. And then…

 Give it to God. Give it to the Universe. Give it away. 

It’s not yours anymore. 

Ask God to replace that fear with love. 

And now you’ve made the space to receive it.

I’ve found that this technique can be used for anything. Even squeamishness about using the word “God” (which I know a lot of people have), so you can rename it something else. Source. Universe. Angels. Bob. Whatever. Get comfortable with having a relationship with something bigger than you. It’s comforting. It reminds you you’re a child of the Universe, and “someone” bigger, more loving, more powerful, braver, and stronger than you is ALWAYS taking care of you. It feels comfy and cozy in the soul.

I thought of this image this morning as I did a chakra-clearing meditation for myself… I visualized myself cupping my issues and blockages into my palms and watching them float away to the Universe. It felt really good.

And also, my mom is literally flying IN today… So I’ve made some space for HER love. And hugs and comfy coziness, and I can’t wait.

So just try it. Loosen your grip. Set your intention. Allow yourself to be supported by the universal power that buoys us all. And see what you end up making space for 🙂


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